Some suggestions for autumn clothes for children 3-7 years old

The temperature difference between day and night in autumn increases, and children need to pay more attention to wearing clothes. To prevent the attack of the disease, it is necessary to keep warm and suitable.

The following is the autumn dressing advice for babies 3-7 years old, parents can use it as a reference.


Appropriate amount of clothes, one less than adults. If you wear too much, your child will sweat more when they move. The clothes will be soaked with sweat and easy to catch cold.

Don’t add clothes to children according to the standard of adults’ warm and cold, but often touch the little hands and feet of children, as long as it is not cold, it means that the body is warm.


Some mothers who want to wear tights think that wearing thick clothes can keep them warm, while neglecting underwear.

In fact, soft cotton underwear can almost absorb sweat, but also can keep the air around the skin, reduce body heat loss, and is not easy to get cold and sick.


Do not wear fleece pants and fleece pants. Fleece pants are soft, fluffy, and good heat retention. Some mothers like to wear a fleece side to their children.

However, if you wear it tightly, these villi will quickly become sticky and hard due to sweat and sebum. You can gently remove excess water after washing. Dry the hair with the outside facing out. Gently rub it after drying.Knead, so that the rough surface can be kept fluffy and soft.


The baby should pay attention to “Four Don’t” and don’t wear too many patterns and clothes that are too mixed, which will distract the child and affect learning and life.

  Do not wear chemical fiber clothes to children, because chemical fiber clothes are prone to static electricity, it will increase the dryness of the skin, and chemical fiber clothes are not breathable.

  Do not wear turtleneck sweaters or cashmere sweaters. Although turtlenecks can resist wind and cold, they can easily cause itching or gasping measles.

  Don’t wear down jackets for children with skin allergies, because down jackets can cause rashes and bronchial obstructions.