Menace, self-proclaimed by new women

Women’s beauty is multi-angled. From ancient to modern times, the concept of long-lasting beauty has been derived: softness, charming, cute, elegant, lady . Now, a new more obscure and far-reaching new term “suffocating” came into being.Let women be encouraged by it, and men sigh for it: it is too wasteful to describe women’s style with “10,000 kinds”!

  Nowadays, suffocation has also become one of the charming expressions of women. It maintains the purest side of women with an open posture behind the veil, and also reveals the other side of women’s desire for the true self.

  Suffocating, the new women’s self-proclaimed TV series “I Want to Fall in Love” has been enthusiastically sought after by the general audience.

Many audiences admit that one of the highlights of the show is the sultry female performed by Jiang Wenli-superficial and subtle, always expressing deep voices: ambiguous eyes, trying to escape the old manners . a sexy new term-sultry, sulkingA new spirit came forth, tapping the pulse of the city with an erratic gesture.

Let’s take a look at the bits and pieces of women in real life.

  The expression of the city is sullen and dressed as a lady during the day and behaves dignified. She also put on a low-cut evening dress at night and put on heavy makeup. She added pearly slippers to the rank of “rock girl”;However, KTV judged that if they were two, love song duel, fast song Solitaire, red wine competition, crazy performance let everyone break their glasses; MM with a quiet appearance and conservative behavior posted their carcasses in the dark on the Internet, and openly let users score.Dressed modestly in China, he spared no expense in adding beautiful costumes for himself in the virtual world, and then teased . A well-known clothing brand grandly launched a fashion show with the theme “Sao and Elegance”, which made many followers shake their hearts. “Sexy Jade Girl” Jolin Tsai and her “Gossip Boyfriend” Jay Chou, in an interview with reporters, inadvertently stated that they belong to the “sultry type”, and even “fans” cheered for being lucky to be classified as such.

  Female writers, who were originally hidden behind the scenes, published books and photographed them. On the cover, art that was almost indistinguishable from the original, and then accompanied by a few beautiful articles, a batch of “beauty writers” came out.

  If you are not careful, it will become a “sika deer” lurking deep in the urban jungle, seducing the eyes of men and decorating the rich expressions of the city.

  The benefits of harassment in the dark are obvious. The 21st century is an era of individuality. “Sao” is a circuitous, tactful atmosphere that draws the line between clearness and publicity.

Since it is “boring”, it is not brazen, even in Wu Nong’s soft words, seemingly careless eyes, shaking every restless nerve ending in your body.

  Just like Zhang Ziyi’s gesture in “2046”, she is obviously a dusty woman with a proud attitude; she obviously likes Liang Chaowei, but she has to show disapproval.

When Liang really grabbed her, the bitterness in her bones revealed a little.

In front of the client, she was coquettish; in front of Liang, she flinched to sullen.

Another piece of Zhang Manyu’s excellent performance in “The Mood for Love”: the expression that looks like grief but attachment, the appearance of indifference and heart-like passion, silky conveys her inner tolerance and changeable personality.

  Not sharp, this style is exquisite: one point is too distasteful, one point is too boring.

So its real charm lies in the fact that it is just right to hide it.

  Friends “reveal”, Xiaoya of their unit is this type.

Xiaoya, with short hair, a T-shirt, and a cowboy look, is avant-garde new human.

One day after work, she asked her colleague to help with a computer problem, but the colleague was anxious to leave, and she rushed to her hair. “Just a moment, help out.

“Dangling around, the bow tie on the back of the sexy tube top hidden in the T-shirt was accidentally exposed.

Everyone changed their views on this little girl who was “indifferent to the world” and also knew that she would like to visit SM ‘s high-end underwear area.

Colleagues teased her about “Sao Sao”, Xiaoya grinned: No?

Can’t show off in the clear, can’t show up in the secret!

  The performance of Shen Yuan’s stuffy man is: After shopping in Tianhong Mall for a long time, he only brought back a few colorful lace thongs, hid in the room to try on the mirror in turn, and laughed while wearing it. One day, seduce her boyfriend .… It can be seen that suffocation depends on the place, the situation, and the target.

Men like sultry because they have seen through the showy and self-righteous style, and they are tired of pretending to be pure and innocent, posing as a high-quality lady, while the sultry woman ‘s style is like a flash in the dark, giving a kind of glory.Mysterious and stunning.

According to a fashionable woman, it ‘s better: it ‘s like taking off the shell and leaving a thin film of shrimp-fresh and chewy!

  Of course, the feeling of refreshment is refreshing. Of course, the suffocation is not suddenly burst out, but “the rose of shamefulness quietly opens”, which is made by the surrounding environment and the growth of the personality space.

Because such beauties have experienced a long period of kindness and virtuous morality, and constrained the morals of the three virtues, they have cultivated a combination of light and dark: “glamour”: usually restrained and occasionally exposed, so they show the rare “exposure” charm.

This kind of dew is half-covered and naturally revealed at the right time.

  Li Shuang made no secret of her sullen feelings: when she accompany the client to the venue of the exhibition hotel that day, when she went to the bathroom on the way, she took hold of the mirror, made a few chest lifts, raised her head, and twisted her hips, and quietly pulled the skirtThen, Xuediba dancers put on a few sexy poses.

Coincidentally, when someone came in, she instantly returned to normal, and washed her hands calmly and went out.

“I just like to play tricks secretly. Anyway, no one knows. Is it okay to appreciate it?

“In her opinion, it’s not appropriate for a woman to reveal her style, and sultry is a way to vent.

  Relatively speaking, Alin’s sultry index from Shuxiang Mendi is higher than her: distance commute clothes, angular shoulder bags, elegant makeup, elegant pace, she is recognized as the standard white-collar beauty.

However, in her briefcase full of documents, a breath fresh spray was hidden.

According to friends, on the night of February 14th, she went to Zhongshan Park with a few regular heterosexual friends. Under the conservative black trench coat, she was actually a pink bellyband.

Under the neon lights, everyone was shocked and stunned: Arin even had occasional exposure.

She was innocent: When did I say I was a lady?  Linking it down again, the behavior of the obedient girl Xiaoji is no longer incredible: in the Old Tao Tea House, her companion found that under her black trousers, emerald fishnet stockings loomed under her black trousers.

A group of people were puzzled: This woman doesn’t seem to be so good . This seems to prove that: Mensao is not a storm that hits people’s eyes, but a kind of emotion that breeds in the long accumulation and warmth, the so-called slow fire,Through the latent, delicate, refreshing and gentle drizzle, men are “not drunk with alcohol.”