[How long does it take to make the mung beans in the dumplings]_ 粽子 _ 青 小豆 _How to soak

Putting mung beans in the dumplings is also a common method. Mung beans must be soaked before they are packaged. It is relatively easy to soak them. Generally, they only need to be soaked for about an hour and a half, so that they can be wrappedMung bean dumplings, some mung bean dumplings will also add pork belly, cooking wine, etc., tastes more unique, and nutritional value is also good.

Ingredients: glutinous rice, peeled mung beans, pork belly, reed leaves, reins, salt, cooking wine, sesame oil, tofu (cured pork), ginger (cured pork), cooking wine (cured pork), salt (cured pork), Old soy (cured pork), spiced powder (cured pork), Shisanka (cured pork).

Method 1 for Mung Bean Meat, boil the fresh cilantro in a wok until softened, remove the cold water, brush it clean, and set aside.

Soak glutinous rice and peeled mung beans in boiling water for about 20 minutes.

Don’t wait too long or the glutinous rice will be too rotten and delicious, and be sure to use boiling water.

2. Wash the glutinous rice and peeled mung beans after washing (do not mix cold water in the middle, or the glutinous rice will be too spanned). Put the salted, sesame oil, and cooking wine in the washed glutinous rice and the peeled mung beans (as in the big pot of glutinous rice in the picture).It’s about half a bowl of salt, half a bowl of sesame oil, and half a bowl of cooking wine.

3. The pork is marinated one night in advance, and the seasoning is as shown in the table above, which can be adjusted according to taste.

Take about three or four coriander leaves and spread them out, paying attention to the side with the pole facing up.

4. Lay a layer of rice, not too thick, and then a layer of mung beans.

Put pork belly (this piece of pork belly is a bit big, but do n’t mind it if you eat it yourself), put another layer of mung beans and a layer of sticky rice on the pork belly.

Be careful not to flatten it, so that the middle part rises up, like a hill, so the wrapped shape will look better.

5. Close the loquat leaf inward from both sides, and then fold the loquat leaf underneath, keeping it close to the rice.

Note that when you fold the other side, the leaves must be reversed. For example, when the other side is blue, the bottom is red and the top is red. Then, when you fold the other side, it must be red and on the blue.Reshape the sister-in-law a little, and try to make the middle rise like a hill.

When tying the reins, try to tie it as tightly as possible, make two turns and then tighten the loop to stick to the side, and then tie the other side. When you help, remember to end up with the side.