How can sun protection be truly foolproof

Looking out the window, you look at the bright and overly sunny, and you are ready to go out a lot of peace and uneasiness.

Can the skin withstand such strong sunlight?

In the end, has your sunscreen been leak-proof and not broken?

Today, I will explain the five myths of sun protection for everyone, and tell you how to be truly foolproof.

  Myth 1 Concerns about the preservation of sunscreen products. Why do sunscreens not work so well after being placed?

  Experts talk about the consequences of improper storage “I have two experiences of improper storage of sunscreen: the first time I accidentally aligned the sunscreen in a purse, and the bag was sweltering, which turned the sunscreen into a grayish greenThe color is terrible; the other time I found that applying sunscreen had no effect, and I was a little bit allergic. Later I learned that I kept the sunscreen in the car, and the sun suffocated the sunscreen.

After that I put sunscreen in a light cosmetic bag and carried it with me.

“K-brand public relations experts analyze sunscreens. They are afraid of heat preservation. They must be particular about sunscreens. Preservation must be particular. High temperatures and high humidity will make sunscreens” deteriorate. “At room temperature, dry and sealed storage conditions are essential.

In addition, all sunscreen products must be used up that year, and the effects will be reduced in the coming year. The changes in the ingredients may also damage the skin.

  The editor suggests that it is safest to keep it in a dark place indoors. I want to say that sunscreens that are afraid of heat are still safest to keep in a dark place indoors.

You can prepare two sunscreens, one at home and the other at the office, after all, the interval from home to the office will not be too long.

If you go out and play, it’s best to carry a canvas or teng bag, which is more breathable, and try to put the bag in a cool place, there will be no major problems.

  Product recommendation ① Chanel whitening multiple protective isolation emulsion SPF50 / PA +++ 450 yuan contains sunscreen plus whitening and other active ingredients, be sure to keep it away from light.

  ② Laprairie Revitalizing Sunscreen Cream SPF30 1250 yuan has anti-aging sunscreen, SPF fortifier and 5 different UVA / UVB absorbents to provide UV protection, be sure to keep it properly.

  ③ The special ingredients of DIOR snow crystal whitening sunscreen SPF 50 / PA +++ 535 yuan perfectly filter UVA and UVB light while suppressing melanin, it is best not to carry it.

  Myth 2 Concerns about the superposition of sunscreen products Can the sun protection index be superimposed?

Is the sunscreen really better after superimposition?

  Experts talk about me as an overlapping beneficiary. “Some times, I watched outdoor performances in Lijiang and needed repeated exposure, but I forgot to bring high-power sunscreen. In a hurry, I put the SPF15 cream and SPF15 on my hands.The foundation is overlapped.

It turned out that the effect was very good. After more than two hours of sun exposure, there was no time to reapply, without tanning and sunburn. This fully convinced me that the overlap can still enhance the sun protection effect.

Zhang Beauty’s editor-in-chief expert analyzed that the thickness of the SPF index cannot actually be overlapped, but after using SPF25 sunscreen and SPF15 powder, the sun protection index is still SPF25 instead of SPF40.

If you feel that the sun protection is better after the superposition, it is because the thickness is working.

However, it is recommended not to overlap chemical sunscreens so as to avoid the mutual reaction of ingredients. It is safer to choose physical products to overlap.

  The editor suggests that it is important to absorb the thickness of the sunscreen. Since the SPF values cannot overlap, it is so troublesome to overlap. It is better to apply the sunscreen with the same index in multiple places, and the sunscreen needs to reach a certain thickness to have an effect. The general application amount is2 milligrams per square centimeter, should be applied 2 times on a pair of arms?

5 grams, 1 on the face at a time?

5 grams.

However, it is still recommended to choose thin and breathable products as much as possible, and you should not blindly think that the thicker the better, the thicker it is, the easier it is for absorption, and the skin can’t breathe smoothly, but it affects the sun protection effect.

  Product recommendation ① YSL whitening and brightening sunscreen SPF40 / PA ++ 460 yuan does not contain oil, and the soft lotion leaves no trace at all, as if it gives the skin a barrier against UVA and UVB.

  ② Avene Sunscreen SPF20 198 yuan pure physical sunscreen, refreshing and breathable, to help sensitive muscles resist UV damage.

  ③ CLARINS (see CLARINS for more new product information) Clear and whitening sunscreen SPF40 / PA +++ 340 yuan mineral particle light wave filter reflection formula, lightweight, breathable, block UV and environmental pollution for the skin.

  ④ FANCL no added sunscreen 30 SPF30 / PA +++ 228 yuan of plant ingredients and high breathable sunscreen, so that the skin does not have extra burden.

  ⑤ In addition to sun protection, OLAY sunscreen repairing lotion SPF30 / PA ++ can also repair the face, isolate, whiten, and apply a little more weight.

  Myth 3 about applying sunscreen. Do you have to apply sunscreen even with a high multiple?

  ”Experienced people talk about applying makeup on vacation is the last word.” Last year, when I went to Bali for a holiday, I bought a SPF50 + waterproof sunscreen. I thought I would not be afraid of tanning after soaking in the sea.I got sunburned.

In the next few days, I dare not take it lightly. I apply it every few hours and I don’t get sunburned anymore. My friends from the holiday also praised me that I didn’t get tanned at the beach.

Linda Yoga instructor analyzes the time limit of 2-hour sunscreen repair. Theoretically, the SPF index indicates the intensity of UV resistance. The higher the index, the longer the UV resistance.

But in fact, it will be affected by the environment, absorption methods and other factors, and the sun resistance effect will gradually weaken with time.
Therefore, to ensure that the sun protection effect is absolutely secure, 2 hours is the time limit for reapplying.

  Editors recommend that top-up and first-coat are the key to perfect sun protection. In fact, no matter how many times you use sunscreen, the ability to resist ultraviolet rays will be reduced due to seawater, sun exposure, sweat, oil, and thickness.
It’s not that you have to hold for 2 hours, otherwise remember to make up after a while.

In addition, it must be absorbed 20 minutes in advance to fully “wake up” the effectiveness of the sunscreen.

  Product recommendation ① Herborist sunscreen spray SPF27 125 yuan contains the essence of Chinese herbal medicine, gently spray on the surface of the skin, easy to apply.

  ② Biotherm Sun-Brightening Multi-Body Sunscreen Body Milk SPF50 + 360 Yuan is refreshing and non-greasy, and can be replenished and applied multiple times throughout the day.

  ③LANCOME soft and soothing sunscreen SPF50 / PA +++ 495 yuan strong resistance to UV rays, lock water and soothe the skin, both men and women can use.

  ④ La Roche-Posay SPF40 268 yuan is suitable for seaside and outdoor use, but it must be reapplied at the appropriate time. The spray design is very convenient.

  Myth 4: How to remove sunscreen?

  Experts ‘experience talks about the incomplete removal and white coating.“ I did n’t think that the sunscreen had to be removed in the past. It may be accumulated over time. Until the sunscreen is wiped mud continuously, it ‘s the same if it ‘s light and thin.As with no coating, the sun protection effect can be imagined.

I deliberately went to the counter and asked BA to know that it was caused by incomplete removal, and I dare not slack off.

“Yvonne lawyer experts analyze the removal of sunscreen products that depend on the physical properties of sunscreen products, such as zinc dioxide, and are generally used in sunscreen products such as creams, foundations and sunscreen powders because they have both color and a certainPermanent, so it needs to be cleaned with a makeup remover.

For body sunscreen products, chemical sunscreen principles are usually used, and the sunscreen ingredients are absorbed by the skin, so you can thoroughly cleanse with a bath when bathing.

It should be noted that tanning products will bind to the proteins on the skin surface, so it is necessary to remove them with acid-based exfoliating products, such as citric acid.

  The editor recommends that oil sunscreen be completely removed, whether it is physical or chemical, and oily products that need to be completely removed, and facial cleansing oil is sufficient, which is very convenient.

The body can choose oily bath products, some containing olive oil, avocado, jojoba oil, etc., as long as a little oil content can better remove sunscreen.

  Product recommendations ① CLINIQUE new daily light sunscreen SPF25 250 yuan to enjoy the effective protection of light and breathable, to help you stay away from the hustle and bustle of urban pollution and UV-induced skin irritation.

  ② ANESSA Professional Sunscreen Cleansing Oil 160 yuan is an oily makeup remover for powerful sunscreen. It can also be used when your hands and body are wet. It can be completely removed on the face and the body.

  ③GUERLAIN Guerlain Gold Diamond Whitening Powder SPF 35 / PA ++ 590 yuan protects the skin from the two most dangerous rays of UVA and UVB radiation and prevents dark spots.

  ④shuuemura Shuhuamura Shuhuayan Clean Whitening Cleansing Oil 740 yuan contains cherry blossom leaves and ocean water, which can deeply cleanse the sunscreen residue on the face.

  Myth 5 Concerns about tanning suntan products. Suntan effects are good, but what about sunscreen effects?

Can I sunburn my skin for tanning?

  Experts can talk about tanning if they don’t want to tan. “I went to the beach with my friends a while ago. I boldly tried a bronze complexion. I used a tanned product.The kind of effect, which made me fair-skinned, and I had enough of a beach girl’s addiction.

More importantly, there is an unexpected surprise: that is no tan at all.

Compared with those who use ordinary sunscreen, I really feel like I haven’t been exposed.

Experts from Ningz Magazine analyzed that the darker the whites, the harder it is to get tanned. You should also have the common sense that people with whiter skin are more prone to sunburn, sunburn, and darkening. Instead, the darker the skin, the less obviousThen, the melanin in the surface layer of the skin penetrates and absorbs ultraviolet rays, protecting the function of the delicate cells in the lower layer.

And the suntan products have a chemical component of NEV to increase the melanin on the skin surface, so as to better protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

  The editor recommends that the tanning product be used before and after use. I have paid attention to the experience of condensing and expert analysis. I really want to try it immediately.

Nowadays, there are more and more suntanning products. It is really convenient to tan and sunscreen.

However, the use of tanning products is also exquisite. Before use, be sure to thoroughly exfoliate to accelerate absorption; be sure to apply evenly when replacing, and you can replace the foundation sponge sponge, elbows, winding, foot and heel thickening;Allow to dry for more than 20 minutes after application and wait until it is dry before wearing clothes.

  Product report ① BIOTHERM Sun-Brightening Blackening and Moisturizing Spray 360 yuan easily obtains natural blackening effects. The nozzle design is particularly convenient to use.

Aerosol particle size can be dried quickly without waiting.

  ② Givenchy Givenchy Black Face Spray (Limited Edition) 430 yuan at any time brings a natural tan to the face. When using it, hold the spray about 2cm away from your face, and then spray your arms around to spray upwards to make it more uniform.

  ③ Beneficial sunburn cream with a small chemical effect of 320 yuan will help you to obtain a beautiful bronze color, and the color will last for a long time. It can be washed off.

  ④sisley Sisley (see Sisley for more new products) tanning gel 800 yuan quickly has wheat skin, and can be 7 days long, help sunscreen, moisturizing effect is also very good.

  ⑤ Guerlain Guerlain Sunshine Bronze Powder 600 yuan to create a healthy light gold bronze luster, oil-free moisturizing formula to shape natural makeup, can help strengthen sun protection.

  Unmissable sun protection blind spots1.

Chest, collarbone and tail: sunburns make beautiful clothes rough in the summer. Your chest, collarbone and tail change the exposed range almost every day with the collar of your clothes. Be sure to put the naked on the edge of the collarPartly apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn on the collar when wearing this dress.


Hands: Washing your hands again affects sun protection. Before going out and after washing your hands regularly, it does not prevent you from applying a slightly moisturizing sun cream as a hand cream.

Alignment, elbows, elbows, heels: the darkest but easiest to ignore these joints. The sunscreen is easily leaked, and these places are already dull. If you don’t pay attention to the sunscreen, it will be very baregood looking.
Remember to apply these areas every time you apply sunscreen.


Indoors on a cloudy day: UV rays are never on vacation. No matter whether it is cloudy or indoors, sun protection is still essential.

Because it’s cloudy, 60% of UV?
80% also reach the ground, especially UVA, all the clouds that can penetrate the cloudy sky reach the ground, and can penetrate the glass of the building and enter the room.

In addition, the large amount of fluorescent light in office buildings is also an important source of indoor UV.

  TIPS is the seat of choice. The choices for sun-illuminated skin on the skin are sunscreen, barrier cream, foundation, powder, etc. What exactly is used? Choose the one that suits you, just don’t forget to take care of the delicate.


Makeup expert: base makeup sunscreen.

If you have the habit of applying makeup, using a sun protection index foundation is the most suitable sun protection tool, and remember to use the powder to “make up for sun protection” at any time.


Plain beauty: touch up sunscreen isolation.

Skin sunscreen or sunscreen with sun protection index can be used, sunscreen can also replace the skin tone.


Whitening lunatics: whitening sunscreen.

Spotted people or people who are particularly afraid of tanning choose whitening sunscreens, which can also inhibit melanin growth.


Sensitive people: physical sunscreen.

The degree of irritation caused by physical ingredients to the skin, and chemical ingredients are more likely to cause sensitivity.

Teach you a simple identification method. The physical sunscreen will be a little white after it is applied. This is a powder of physical titanium oxide and zinc oxide. The chemical sunscreen is very absorbent and leaves almost no trace after application.