Analysis of women’s fun psychology

The smiles of smiling girls usually include intimacy, happiness, and shyness; as adults, their smiles include other factors in addition to the above meanings, such as depression, cover-up, care, and love.

Sometimes they do n’t know how to do it, so they smile inexplicably to cover up their inner contradictions.

  Talk to a woman once she has a close friend, she will reveal all her secrets: sadness, trouble, joy, sorrow, etc.

At this moment, she can feel a kind of self-intoxication coupled with the resonance, soothing, understanding, and sympathy of the other party, then she will feel that this person is completely trustworthy.

  Fortune tellers are interested in fortune telling.

Psychologically intertwined with small anxieties and expectations, and sometimes feel nervous, especially on the issue of love and marriage are more likely to be disturbed.

They are very forgiving of fortune telling.

They often say: “Fortune telling is true in some places.

“Actually this is half of what they ignored.

Experts analyze that women like fortune telling. The first reason is that they are willing to accept all kinds of hints; the second reason is that they believe in a certain mystery; the third reason is that they are more uncomfortable than the men.Feeling strong.

On the road to life, they usually have judgment.