[How to make assorted steamed dumplings]_Homely practice of assorted steamed dumplings _How to make assorted steamed dumplings _How to make assorted steamed dumplings

Maybe you have a lot of friends, but you can’t stay with them every day.

Even if you stay together every day, you are definitely not going to cook for yourself.

So, in order to survive better, the following editors will teach you how to make assorted steamed dumplings.


12 bamboo shoots cut into strips of water, remove the cold water, squeeze out excess water, and air dry 2.

21 Cut the dried bamboo squash into pieces, crush the shrimp, or grind the shrimp skin 3.

Fungus bubble hair shred 4.

Fans soaked and crushed 5.

1,2,3,4, mix the ingredients, add salt, pepper, thirteen incense, chicken essence, sesame oil, stir well 6.

Knead the flour into balls 7.

Wrapped into dumplings, it should be slightly larger and thinner.


Boil in water and steam for eight to ten minutes.

Eat while hot, with tomato egg flower soup is great. The signature steamed dumplings introduced above for you are rich in nutrition and the production method is not very complicated. If you want to try it, get ready to prepare the ingredients!