4 year old toddlers common game highlights

The favorite activity for children aged 3-4 is games.

In the process of playing with children, his knowledge, imagination and various social abilities can be fully developed.

This kind of autonomous activity with the help of partners can make him realize the existence of self.

  Children’s imagination is very active during this period, so their games are also very interesting.

They can add symbolic meaning to what they imagine, for example, a leaf can be considered a vegetable when playing house, and money can be considered when buying something.

When they were playing together, a doll fell into the sea on the carpet, and a toy ambulance would drive to rescue immediately.

Every kind of game has the meaning of the child’s self-hit, and any game has the key to open the door of the child’s heart.

  Another feature of toddler games in this period is common games. They no longer play each other as they did when they were 1-2 years old. They like to play with their companions.

Therefore, creating opportunities for young children to interact with many partners during this time is very important for their psychological development.

Kindergarten is a good place for children to meet partners.