Super Hot Nose Tackles Strawberry Nose

In the beauty rivers and lakes, the perfection of the nose has always maintained an unattainable height.

There are superfluous beauty experts on the Internet who selflessly disclosed their tricks to “fight” with blackheads.

In order to let everyone brighten their eyes and wave away the strawberry nose, here are the five most popular nose beauty methods on the Internet.


hzh {display: none; }  美鼻第1计 溶字诀  计策要诀 :港台美女喜欢用含有 10%~15% 果酸的凝胶或乳液作为睡眠面膜,在睡前敷在鼻子部位,慢慢Dissolve blackheads.
  Testimonials: It’s safe, it takes time for blackheads to disappear!

  Expert tips: Dissolving is feasible, but do not DIY fruit acid.

Fruit acid and salicylic acid can dissolve oils and clean dirt. This method is practical for removing blackheads, and the effect may be slower.

Don’t worry about fruit acid causing skin discomfort, because the oily nose has a thicker sebum layer and is “tolerant”.

The concentration of fruit acid must be below 15%, it is best not to DIY fruit acid gel.

  Nose No. 2 Scrubbing Tips: Use a cleansing oil or BABY oil to patiently rub, rub, and rub on the nose to achieve the effect of oil-soluble oil. Let the cleansing oil transport the deep pores and rub the blackheads.come out!

  Testimonials: You can do it together when removing makeup, it is recommended for lazy people!

  Expert tips: Can eliminate blackheads on the surface, but deep cleaning is not enough.

Makeup remover is an oil-soluble cleansing product, while the body’s dirt breaks down into water and oil.

Sweat is “water-based dirt”, while oil and acne are “oily dirt”.

Cleansing oil can remove “oily dirt”, the effect is good, but it is powerless for water-based dirt.

In addition, makeup remover oil is difficult to reach deep in the pores, and the root causes of blackheads are completely eliminated. Therefore, with this method, it is necessary to cooperate with thorough and deep skin cleansing.

  Nose No. 3 Extraction Tips for Beauty Nose: Use the plant dew or essential oil products to make the blackheads automatically float out, and then use black tweezers to pull the blackheads out.

This is the method used by many beauty salons, which is gentle and enjoyable.

  Testimonial: Effective conversion of essential oils, but not easy to pull out!

  Expert Tips: Not very applicable to people with small blackheads.

Essential oil products have small molecules, high permeability, and natural ingredients with low sensitivity and low irritation, which are the best choices for softening keratin.

But if you want to deal with stubborn blackheads, the choice of essential oil products is very important. Don’t follow the trend blindly.

  Nose No. 4 Washing Tips and Tips for Beauty Nose: FANCL Blackhead Mask, Green Clay, Queen Helen . These are all blackhead stars on the forum.

Use the mask to clean the deep pores, wash it off after washing, and you can get a clean nose!

  Testimonials: Step by step pores are clean, and blackheads run naturally!

  Expert tips: cleansing masks cure the symptoms, and dry skin is also suitable.

Blackheads and acne are horny, and a cleansing mask can destroy its structure.

Clay and other ingredients can suck out the oils deep in the pores, which is both safe and effective.

People with dry skin do not have to refuse, just use a cleansing mask as a part around the nose.

  No. 5 Tips for Beauty Words Tips: Use black nose stickers or tear-type masks to remove blackheads!

The slight pain in turn makes people feel clean and happy, and sometimes even the blackheads that are torn off can be seen, which has a unique sense of accomplishment.

  Expert Tips: It’s best to use for emergencies and don’t complement each other.

Nose patches and tear-off masks are actually suitable for people with severe blackheads